Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back From Our 3 Week Trip to Hawaii

We just returned back to the Philippines from our 3 week trip to Hawaii. It has been about 8 months since we've moved to the Philippines, so it was great to reconnect with Hope Chapel West Oahu, our friends and our family. Lynnette may be taking a teaching job in Quezon City that would require a 3 year commitment, so it may be a while before we can come back to Hawaii. We're hoping and praying to be able to come back to visit again next year. 

It has been an encouraging trip, we feel refreshed and refueled...and full (DJ gained about 5lbs by stuffing his face with juicy steaks, burgers, plate lunches, sushi, shave ice, and Korean and Filipino home cooking). 

We hung out with a lot of people, sorry if we couldn't get to see some of you, and we wish we were able to spend more time with everyone we did see. We didn't always remember to take pictures of everyone we met up with or everything we did, but here are some that we managed to take.

Thank you to everyone for making our trip an incredible experience, we will really miss all of you!


In addition to the parties, dinners, lunches and coffees, there are also pics of BBQ and Valentines's Day with DJ's parents, Lynnette shooting a gun for the first time, sitting in staff meeting at Hope Chapel West Oahu, and the Kokohead head hike (where DJ proposed over 4 years ago).