Friday, April 8, 2011

Eye Opening Training in our first week


I surrender, I give my life, I will give up everything, I will serve you whole heartedly... 

By the end of the week of FMI training, we have been transformed and our eyes has opened even wider. Training sessions from 8am-7:00pm have been many insightful sessions of hearing veteran missionaries advice, suggestions, and most of all their experiences on the field. It has been a priceless experience and definitely building lifelong family and mentors. Many times we were touched and tears would roll down our cheeks as we imagine and feel the love of God of what they have gone through for God. 

We went to the training with a time frame of 1 year in the Philippines... and we are now going in complete faith and moving as if it is for LIFE or until God moves us elsewhere. "Whole heartedly" has been the theme of this week. Worship whole heartedly, pray whole heartedly, and serve whole heartedly. 

Looking forward to the rest of the sessions this week and next: Marriage Enrichment, Ministry skills (Healing the sick, dealing with demons...) etc... 

On top of all that... the FOOD has been mouth watering delish!

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