Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Are Moving!!!


Crazy Week of Many Dilemma's & Answered Prayers 

It has been a crazy busy week for DJ & I as we are preparing to move to a condo in Timog (closer to the church). As some of you already know, our aunty in the Philippines blessed us to live at their condo for a year for free. This June will be the end of our year and in turn we will need to look for another place to live. 

Dilemma #1

As missionaries we were concerned about rent money, since our current financial support isn't sufficient enough to cover the upcoming monthly rent. On top of that we weren’t sure if our current supporters would continue their support for another year.

We are literally stepping out of faith. Our faith budget was $500/per month for a small studio. We were trusting that God will some how provide an extra $500 a month for the rent along with another year of support.

Answered Prayer

It is now end of April and God has answered our prayers. Another missionary who is leaving to another country had just bought a brand new condo unit. She too was praying for a married couple that is a missionary to occupy her unit. The unit owner and I crossed path through a mutual friend and she was willing to lease her unit to us. She even lowered her price of $400 to $300, which is well below our faith budget. Praise God. 

Dilemma #2

When we visited the unit, it was completely bare. There were no appliances, fixtures, furniture’s etc... it was literally completely bare. My heart dropped. There is no way we could afford this place if we have to purchase our own appliances, and furniture (which is a common thing in the Philippines)! 

Answered Prayer

Me being a bargaining person, I asked the unit owner if we can deduct the amount we spend on appliances and furniture off the rent. Without a hesitation she said yes! God is so good! We will not be paying rent for 8-10 months instead it will go towards the furniture & appliances.

Dilemma #3

Now, the 3rd dilemma was where are we going to get the money up front to purchase the furniture’s & appliances! Well, when God provides he really provides! 

Answered Prayer

My father-in-law who so kindly did our taxes just informed us that we would be getting a lot of money in "tax returns"! With the tax returns and our fundraiser money from HCWO, it will be more than enough to help us with the purchasing! I love it when everything just falls into place and God literally takes care of everything. When you are faithful with the little, God definitely blesses you with more.

So, now the fun of decorating, and purchasing brand new furniture, and appliances of my choice begins. However, the unit is 250 square feet, which is a super duper small 1 bedroom studio, I have a challenge of carefully purchasing furniture’s and appliances that will not make the already small studio smaller. 

I know God will continue to provide for us this upcoming year. 

 We are planning on moving in on May 1. I will post before and after pictures along with a video tour.