Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birthing Something New in the Philippines!

We've been here in the Philippines now for about 9 months, and Lynnette is giving birth...but not to a baby! She is birthing a new and potentially powerful ministry opportunity.

Lynnette has discovered a creative way to build relationships with a young sub-culture of people that she can share the love of Jesus with, while doing something she enjoys. What is this creative ministry? It is a fashion and make-up video blog (or vlog) that focuses on the people, places and trends in the Philippines. 

The blog includes fashion interviews, trend discussions, and make-up tutorials...but what is awesome to see, is what is happening behind the scenes. Behind the camera, and the videos, she is building new friendships, networking with other bloggers, making new friends in stores and kiosks. In fact she has made more 'non-church' friends in the past few days than she has in the past 9 months! It has really inspired me to look for creative ways to connect with the Filipinos as well!

Please pray with us!

I really feel that God has has been giving her favor with people, in this sub-cutlure, in such a short time. Its a great way to help people see the heart of God, and a great way to connect them to Hope Chapel Metro. I am so excited to see how God will work through her and this unique ministry!

You can check out her new blog and youTube channel here:
youTube: http://www.youtube.com/lynnettegarces
(subscribe to her channel to support her!)
blog site: http://lynnetteunplugged.blogspot.com/



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