Saturday, March 31, 2012

MiniChurch Outreach - Eastwood Photos & Motion Portraits

This past month we were in a great message series at Hope Chapel Metro, called "Change the World", a great series encouraging people that they can make an impact in the world...if they simply listened to God, and their hearts, and take action. In conjunction with the series I had our Minichurches (small groups) accomplish missions each week. One of them was to bless and serve the community in some way, small or big. 

We had groups bring food to Barangay halls, visit orphanages, bring food and pray for guards, and one group even did a medical clinic in the streets! Our group was meeting in a nicer neighborhood and we hurt our brains trying to figure out how to bless people in this popular night spot.

We came up with this idea to bless the Eastwood people by offering to take free photos of them as well as a motion portrait (something I've been exprimenting with). Then we would hand them a card that informed them they could see their photos/videos by visiting the church site, and hopefully be blessed. Great idea!...Except, only two of us could make it, and both of us are introverts, who don't exactly enjoy approaching strangers.

So we saw it as a good challege to pull us out of our comfort zones. Since I was the photographer, Jonathan was the spokesperson and he did an awesome job approaching people, and making them feel comfortable...even though it is always awkard for everyone in those first few moments. We shared about our church, gave them a card and took the photo and video, and everyone had a good time. Below is the video of the motion portraits we did. You can see the photo gallery at Hope Chapel Metro website:


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