Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fostering to Adopt: House Visit & Possible Twins

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Today was the day that our social worker visited our home for the first time to evaluate our living conditions. I was a bit nervous as we live in a very small one bedroom more like a small studio. I wasn't sure what the "normal" was for a good evaluation. But he seemed to be pleased with the condo... Praise God!


Signing the Fostering License Application with social worker

We also began our Part II interview along with signing of the Fostering License Application.  The sense of reality started to settle while signing the papers to foster...on top of that my "nesting mode" started to kick in. 

Decision Of When We Will Foster: 
We shared with him that we are leaning on fostering a baby after January when I return from an Arise Women's Conference in Hawaii. But then, the social worker shared that just yesterday a young lady gave birth to a set of twins a boy and a girl... He looked at me and said "will you be interested?" My heart jumped as I always wanted twins. Then he proceeded in sharing that there were 5 more babies born within the past weeks. My husbands eye's went big signaling to the social worker that we'll start with just one for now. LOL. 

If it was up to me I wouldn't mind taking all of them. My desire is to parent 3 to 5 children. 

Possible Fostering In November:
The social worker shared that once we get all the paper work completed, we will be able to foster a baby as soon as the first week of November.  My heart swayed more to November versus end of January, especially when the social worker shared how many babies needed a home. My heart wanted to start right away.

I may have to prayerfully seek if I should go on the Arise Missions Trip in January. And try to convince my hubby that we can handle twins! ~wink~wink! 

Overall, I am feeling such joy and excitement that in a month we could be possible parents to a foster child for the duration of 3 to 6 months at a time. My "nesting mode" is definitely kicking in. I'm already staring at the walls picturing and imagining how each baby furnitures will fit and where the clothes, bottles, diapers etc... will go. 


Our first baby gift from the Galido's!

On Saturday, I'll probably go to SM Mall and price out possible items in case we start in November. I'm a minimalist so hopefully I won't make a long list. Thanks to my good friend Jay Galido for our very first baby gift! 

Prayer Request:  For protection, guidance, wisdom, and financial provisions. 


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