Friday, October 12, 2012

Lynnette's MC Prayer Outreach

Lynnette wanted to challenge her Mini-Church (small group) to do a prayer outreach at a shopping center where our church Hope Chapel Metro has its services. Within the shopping center there are numerous stores, & restuarants to minister to.


TRAINING SESSION: Lynnette created a mini-training session prior to the outreach and had her MC ladies role play so that they may feel comfortable when doing the outreach. For some it was their first time doing such an outreach. 


PURPOSE: Lynnette's heart was to have each of her MC ladies "adopt" one of the stores and committ to praying for them for 1 week. The purpose was to bless the people by praying for them and building a relationship.


OUTREACH: Lynnette had the MC ladies go into their adopted stores and minister to either the store owner or the workers by asking if they can pray for them. The ladies were also asked to share 1-3 minutes of their testimony. The ladies left each store by sharing with the store owners and workers how they will be committed to praying for them throughout the week. In the end, the MC ladies recieved each store's contact information so that they may text or email throughout the week encouraging them through prayers or scriptures. 


FOLLOWUP: Next Sunday, the ladies will return to their "adopted" stores and follow up with them building bridges and relationships with the store owners and workers of IL Terrazzo. 

VIDEO: Here is a footage Lynnette documenting during their outreach: 


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